Sunday, 1 July 2012

The visit of Southern Belle

Southern Belle visited last weekend, thus putting the Mobile Library back on the road.  It has languished because I was unable to do my annual Portland trip in February this year.  Fortunately Jill has a surfeit of long service leave and made the long trip due north toute seule.  I have spent this weekend reading this wonderful little book.  There is no mystery to it - you know exactly how it is going to turn out because the cover tells you - but it is wonderfully written, funny, and kind on human foible.  A little like Alexander McCall Smith with an absurd dash of Tom Sharpe.  Just what I needed for an indulgent weekend.

Sticking to my low carb diet...
The bubbly is cava from Spain.  Steve ordered a dozen bottles and it is lovely to remember those amazing 5 days Mum and I spent in Spain 2 years ago with Rosa Norte.
(Just in case Momery wants to see what I'm drinking).
Here's Southern Belle being welcomed to the Stephanie Alexander garden at the Wentworth School - some consolation after we were shouted at for trespassing at the Two Rivers Motel - where Jill and other readers stayed for our wedding some time ago.  Most unfortunate.  The shouting, that is.  Different owners, I must further explain.
Here's some funny little hanging signs that I had not seen before.
The occluding capsicum in the first photo is not scrumped from this garden but was given to me at work on Friday.  Steve is incorporating it into spag bol as I blog.


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend.
    Now, I hope you realise that when we do Wales next year, you will be required to extend your trip over the Atlantic and come and stay with us in our VT house for a week or so. And when you do, you will have a library of books to choose from. You can lie in the hammcok, under the maple tree and read to your heart's content.
    And please pass on to Dad that his bowl is, of course, coming to SG with us.

  2. mmmmmm dreamy....and a little gardening too
    Maggie XXXX