Saturday, 12 August 2017

Careful out there

It has been a day of high winds and I went out to the garden to find this. The wind had blown the scissors out of their container and plunged them into a crack in the paving. Tomorrow I'm off to Mum in Adelaide for a fortnight, hopefully getting in a few other visits. Nothing planned so far apart from Mum wanting sushi for tea tomorrow night and tapas at Long View Winery the following Sunday.

It's been quite a busy week but I managed to finish this book despite re-reading Go Set a Watchman and viewing Pie in the Sky DVDs with Steve.  (I was involved in a Quiz Night last night and now know that DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc. I also learnt that Vincent Van Gogh was an Italian Impressionist artist... but the quiz master will not enter into any correspondence.)  This book was recommended some time ago in the blog of The Woman Living my Life in Wales, ie Jackie Morris.  I enjoyed the story, particularly the parts set in the Alhambra palaces in Spain, but don 't think it is a great book.  Perhaps I was prejudiced by the baddy's mother having lived in my cottage in Porth Clais.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Good works

I've spent the last week becoming treasurer of the Spring Bay Suicide Prevention Network and planting trees with school kids and the Rocky Hills Landcare Group.  All of which are very noble but don't give many photo opportunities.  Steve and I have also been wallowing in Sea Change DVDs which has been wonderfully nostalgic.  Living here often reminds me of Sea Change particularly when I cross the bridge at Orford.
I've just come from the library with Inspector Rex DVDs this time, plus the book and DVD of To Kill a Mockingbird.  Having read To Set a Watchman (thank you, Pearl) I felt it was time to revisit the Mockingbird.  I have also re-read Catcher in the Rye which I'm sure we had to read at school and of which I had no memory other than what an arrogant jerk Holden Caulfield was and the phrase 'colder than a witch's teat'.  It has improved with time, especially my time in New York.  It is easier to look at adolescence when you are 64.

I took the photo on a day when the sun came streaming through the kitchen window.  Despite my cropping you can still see some of the dirty window and the birds look a bit fuzzy with dust.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Domain event

Steve had an appointment in Hobart last Friday so I parked on the Domain and the Pharaoh Dog and I went for a stroll.

Many years ago my friend Miss Pat's parents lived up here but I couldn't identify the house even though we had driven there a few times in Miss Pat's Datsun Fairlady - her pride and joy.  There are so many lovely houses up here with gorgeous architectural details.  I restrained myself to two.  I love the leadlight detail on this one:

and this one appeared to have a widow's walk around the chimney, as well as a lovely little balcony which looks directly out to sea along the Derwent River.

Philip Smith building former Teachers' Training College and once part of the University site on the Domain.

Looking toward the Railway Roundabout

When we got home, there was a pirate ship moored at the end of the road.

On Saturday Steve left for The Village like a strolling minstrel
while PD and I trotted off to the formal Opening of the Wharf Extension and Marina.  There was an icy wind and a select crowd

but I did discover that the alleged pirate ship is in fact the Windward Bound training vessel.  I had bought a bag of scallops on the way home on Friday
so went home to a light lunch
and a glass of this wine which had seemed rather ordinary when I'd opened it a week or so ago but had vastly improved when I rediscovered it in the fridge.
And then settled down with an appropriate book.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Winter content

moon in the morning

morning mist on the estuary

amazingly arty shot taken with my phone

Halfway through Winter today.  Much as I'm enjoying being up and about early in the morning, I'll be glad when Winter is over.  It's beautiful outside but we've had no rain and day after day of heavy frost.  We've kept the fire going day and night which we've never done before, and feel very competent provincials.  The downside is that condensation drips through the extractor fans in the ceiling.  Never had that before.  And the garden is at an absolute standstill.

Steve fighting off seagulls at Bridgewater

black ducks on the Derwent at Bridgewater

Rudd Avenue beach with Maria Island in the background
Steve, the Pharaoh Dog and I have done a bit of tripping around and beaching (we always like to take a large branch with us...).  Today I had a look at the Triabunna Suns playing footy.
I'm not much of a sports fan but I am pleased that women can now play football competitively.  The match was a draw - boo hiss.

Steve stuck to the sun-room.

And around Australia the blackbirds are coming out to play.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Gatehouse in the morning, Gatehouse in the evening

Triabunna just before 8 am

frosted oregano

the Pharaoh Dog kitted out for the cold mornings

also suitable for evening wear

notice:  door open

notice:  door closed

the future produce stall

and, just so you know I do leave  Triabunna on occasions,
kunanyi / Mt Wellington from my friend Jools place (which will soon have an AirBnB).  We had coffee in her sunny window and then I met Madam Cyn for lunch at the Ocean Child.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Day 2

Gatehouse garden under frost

The Pharaoh Dog asked to come with me to open the Gatehouse this morning so, after performing our duties, we walked a long way home.

exploring the saltmarsh

and the Community Health Centre gardens.

Back home there was ice in the bathwater bucket

and it was -3C.