Saturday, 25 March 2017

Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday I finally got around to going for a walk along the cliff tops.  I need more exercise than yoga and zumba and the obvious answer, apart from going back to the gym (which I may do), is to enjoy the reason we moved here - the sea.  So here's some scenes from East Shelley  to Spring Bay.

You can see that it was just my type of weather.  What you won't see is Pharaoh Jill who trotted along beside me despite being off leash.

At Spring Beach this boatshed is for rent:
making me think of this on the Desire to Inspire webpage .
view from Spring Bay boatshed

I took this photo to remind me that there was a gentle rain,
and that part of the delight of the walk were the post rain scents and the sounds of the sea.
a beautiful rock at the start / end of the walk
On the drive to East Shelley I'd noticed this escaping garden so stopped to have a look.
A lovely idea but rather expensive, I thought.  Silverbeet 50c a stalk.

And for those struggling to understand, this is the creosotey look I'm aiming for with my fence.  Despite 3 coats of engine oil, the fence still looks the same.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Yesterday at the Mill

Things have gone very quiet at the Spring Bay Mill lately and some of us are getting worried.  The 10 Days on the Island Festival is on and, thanks to the Festival's website, we discovered there is an exhibition at the Mill.  No local advertising.  Steve and I visited yesterday.

As usual, just being at the site is magic.  It is hard for me to tell what is 'art' and what has just been left lying around.  This exhibition consisted of 3 walks:  Transition, Reflection and Pro-seeding.

The Mill hopefully is in the process of Transitioning to an arts hub with high end accommodation.  However there is a proposal to build salmon pens in Okehampton Bay with the land-based part of the business in Spring Bay.  The photo above shows part of Spring Bay.

You can follow this headland around to Okehampton Bay.  For the first time I could understand why Graham Woods has said he will not proceed with the Mill Development if the salmon farm goes ahead.  The farm will operate 24/7 so the noise and lights will virtually circumnavigate the Mill constantly.  Not good for high end accommodation.  I had objected to the salmon farm development on environmental grounds and because I think the levels at which the pens are stocked with salmon constitute cruelty.  Now I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the salmon farm proposal is aimed at halting the Mill re-development.
On to other matters.

 I was thrilled to see dichondra growing - which has re-ignited my aim to introduce into our garden / lawn.  Back to the Exhibition.

Visitors are invited to climb the scaffolding

from the top of which you can view Maria Island and the lighthouse at Okehampton
and from which you are invited to make seed laden paper planes and launch them - Pro-seeding.

After all this art, of course you need a good sit down.
I continued on the Reflection walk but couldn't find any of the little discs of clay you were invited to contemplate upon and either throw into the dam or keep.
I did contemplate this eucalypt with wattle growing at its base.
Another look at the as yet unspoiled Okehampton Bay.

planter box made of caterpillar tyre

the image of Triabunna that many want to cling to

Sunday, 19 March 2017

birthday greetings, bottle of wine

Thank you all.  I had a lovely birthday.  In fact I stretched it from St Patrick's Day to Sunday because I could.
Saturday morning I had breakfast in the sun and opened my cards and prezzies.  What a fabulous stash.  Thank you soooooo much.  Despite having these lovely new books, I indulged in one I got at the Pop Up Book Sale the weekend before.
Only Georgia will fully understand.  It proved, as promised, a hugely enjoyable book - perfect way to spend 3 days.
Not that I spent the whole time reading.  I've had this idea to paint this fence with engine oil.  On Friday I had my car serviced and the lovely Barrie not only saved the oil but gave me 2 lovely containers for future use.
And this is the result.  I can't see any difference either!  But perhaps after a few more coats it will have that creosotey look that I love.  One effect is that the area smells like a garage and reminds me of my first job working at the Shell service station in Klemzig.  One of my duties was to fill the oil bottles.  And feed the dinosaurs.
Steve cooked me lemon chicken and we had a bottle of wine with a cork!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

feelin groovy

No place to go.  No promises to keep.  So far today is exactly as I hoped it would be.  So here's a bit of nothing in particular to suit my mood.
Remember the feather at The Bean's place?  Well the Green One used a skill she gained from her latest Botanical Art workshop to make from it this brush for Steve.

Photos from the Bean from our weekend before last of garden wandering.  I love that her interest in the detail is so apparent.

A strange thing happened last Friday.  I had arranged for a lady named Judy to pick me up from yoga and drive to Swansea to letterbox mental health promoting fridge magnets.  I had my camera with me because it seemed like a perfect opportunity to explore Swansea. Thus I was able to photo the shoes left, mosque-like, outside the hall where we do yoga.
When I emerged from yoga there was another Judy waiting for me to take me to Swansea to the Historical Society.  How this occurred I can't begin to fathom.
However the Historical Society made good use of me and I started the process of wrapping and labeling their fragile book collection.  Note that the floor is collapsing under the weight of the collection and death by compactus is avoidable only if you have a strong friend on the outside.

This unedited phone photo I took yesterday while Jill and I waited for Steve to do the supermarket shopping in Sorell.  We had taken Pharaoh Dog Jill to the dog beach at Kingston and investigated the Wednesday Produce Market.  Sadly I'd forgotten my camera.  The above is an Eileen Brooker mural showing Sorell in the 1930s.  Its a lovely, lively piece of art and I must tackle it again with a camera.  Or learn how to use the phone effectively.
And lastly one of Steve's workshops, this one featuring flying guitar pieces.