Wednesday, 18 October 2017

3 perfect days

We have had 3 days of still, warm and sunny weather.  I have been able to open all the windows in the house and keep them open all night.  Truly heavenly.  My morning walks to and from the Gatehouse have been meditative.  This morning it was still 20 degrees.

looking across Wilma's garden to ours

Our choice of paths to the Gatehouse is currently restricted by our fear of the plovers who, quite rightly, swoop to protect their young and scare the daylights out of the Pharaoh Dog and me.

We're keeping an eye on the not Gymea Lily awaiting some seed pods.

At home, the irises are beginning to tantalise.  Photos from Lady Jayne's garden have energised me to create a new space.

A sculpture garden.  It is still rather raw and I haven't really captured it well in these photos.  The re-vamp required stacking the pavers around the water tank and building a concentric low wall.  Formerly it was a very square and forlorn space.  It was lively with succulents when we bought the house and it has taken me 3 years to realise that the building of the studio totally destroyed it as the garden it was because the light is no longer available.  Now I'm hoping that the glass sculptures will bring some energy to it.  I have a zillion cyclamen emerging from seeds so maybe it will become a cyclamen garden.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

a glimpse of ankle

During the week I was thrilled to see that I had comely ankles again.   I used to be quietly proud of my slim ankles.  Admittedly they benefited from proximity to my calves, together comprising what The Beagle referred to as my coke bottle legs.  Age and medication have thickened my ankles but for some reason they re-emerged slender briefly this week.

Today was the Seafarers' Memorial Service and Blessing of the Fleet.  It is a beautiful warm day and I wore a hat for the first time in Tasmania.  Hats were out in force and it was amusing to gradually realise we were surrounded by people we knew but didn't recognise because of their hats and sunglasses.  The Queen herself was represented by
our Governor, Kate Warner.

Sadly we again were not blessed by god-like youths stripping off to retrieve the gold crucifix from the deep.
After the service it was back to the market this month graced by notables such as The Glorious Bean and Mr Bean, the lovely Eileen Brooker and Precious
the Alpaca.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Since Thursday

Thought I'd better fess up re the Cornish Pasties.

They had wandered a little too close to the top of the oven.  But still good to grab for breakfast on Friday after yoga, and eat in the car.  We were on our way to take Jill PD to Kingston Beach and then to friends of Steve for lunch.  We were running a little late so decided to take Jill to the Signal Station at Mt Nelson for a bit of a romp.

Last time I was here was with Jill Mrs History, some time ago.
Sadly there was no blazing fire
and a muted view.
No need to send out any signals,though I was getting a bit hungry.  Then, to my astonishment, Steve announced that we were not going to the friends' place but eating at the Signal Station Restaurant.  Jill was a little miffed at having to return to the car

but we had a very pleasant lunch with people I had not previously met.  Afterwards we did go to Kingston Beach and ran with the hounds to keep warm.

I closed the Gatehouse by moonlight.  Saturday saw me out with the Friends of Triabunna Reserves, not playing footy, but pulling up Spanish Heath and broom.  I collapsed for the rest of the day.

Today I remembered to take a photo of the pear tree in the garden
and the evolving lily at the school
where I went to pick veggies for the Gatehouse stall.  And the rest of the day has been devoted to my garden.

Thursday, 5 October 2017


We had 2 beautiful Spring days - Monday and Tuesday.  On Tuesday night Bart Stenhouse came more or less out of the blue to play at The Village.  An amazing event, especially surrounded by the Botaniko art works.  Afterwards I strolled to do a late night lock up of the Gatehouse, and then home to finish off a bottle of bubbly, my reward for helping to wash up after the concert.
So inspired was I that I cooked Cornish pasties on Wednesday, a misty dreamy sort of a day.  Heavier rain today, which we need badly, but I decided to try Stapleton Beach for seaweed for my reluctant asparagus.  I have only seen this beach covered in big, beautiful boulders and seaweed.  I'd been told that it had returned to being a sandy bay

and it was.  And hardly a skerrick of seaweed in sight.  By now the rain had set in

so the Pharaoh Dog and I retraced our steps.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Happy Daylight Saving!

Any excuse for a celebration.  And I'm not averse to The Tigers.

Yesterday real cause for celebration: The Bean and Co (Botaniko, actually) opened their Port Arthur - An Exotic Garden exhibition at The Village.  It is always awe inspiring to see these works - a very special breed of artists.  The food also was exquisite and I had a very nice glass of bubbly too.  I got home to see the last minutes of the Footy Final, so an afternoon well spent.

I thought you may also like to see these.  One of the cleaners at the school has tended them.  I'm hoping they will survive the windy weather and the school holidays.  You can just glimpse the school bell which was originally at the school on Maria Island.

The new shop, The Rusty Devil, opened today.  It sells Tasmanian produce aimed at tourists.  I'm very pleased that this includes King Island cheeses so I don't have to travel to Richmond or Sorell to get good cheese.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Home and away

My apologies to those with whom I should have corresponded.  I went away for the weekend and then spent 2 days trying to reconcile financials in my role as Treasure.  I still haven't cracked it but the good news is that the meeting I thought was today is in fact next week.  And today has proved to be the best of Spring so far.  Sunny and no wind until late afternoon.
At Abel's Bay the weekend was cold and windy but what cared I with stacks of English home and garden magazines and a wood fire to peruse.  The Glorious Bean and I made a trip to the Woodbridge Nursery and the Riverbend Nursery, where it was owner Blue's birthday and he gave us each a pomegranate plant - an ornamental one for the Bean to paint and a fruiting one for me cos I like to eat.
Jean whipped up a feast for Mr Glorious Bean to take to the Men's Shed where the car racing on the big screen never stops.  We ate the leftovers above, and some fine Stilton cheese.  One Easter we will make these little pigs in baskets for a certain Birthday Girl who has never had Yorkshire Pudding...
A delicious lunch eaten on the sheltered back deck with a view of the skeletal Christmas tree.

On Monday Jill PD and I went to close up the Gatehouse and spied these little gems:
My impulse is to put them where I found them and let the universe take them but in the meantime I'm waiting to hear from the school as to whether they would like to share them with the students who grow the produce for the Gatehouse stall.  I'll give them a cuppla more days.

This morning I looked out the kitchen window and saw a Trojan Horse, curiously positioned outside
the laundry from which I rescued a man recently.  It was a harbinger of doom.  The milk was sour for my pot of tea and there was no bread for my toast. The Pharaoh Dog and I trotted to the supermarket
taking in The Barracks where the grape hyacinths are pushing through despite the summer archaeological digs
and home to our lovely house, wall and japonica, and a nice cup of tea.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

around town and garden

Here's  the Community Health Centre which Jill PD and I usually walk past en route to the Gatehouse at the weekend.
I believe this to be a leafy sea-dragon.
In the 'borrowed landsscape' at the back of our garden
the willow is greening.
I was rather shocked to find an artichoke or two in the garden
and pleased to finally harvest some radishes.

Bit of excitement on the walk to the supermarket.
And later that same day