Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Winter Solstice garden report

Looking at a magazine the other day, I remembered how easy it is to make your garden look interesting if you take close-ups.
a pretend primrose

pepinos which will probably never ripen

snowdrops emerging now the privet hedge has gone

the very last of the cornflowers

the rocket bed finally self-seeding into the garden

raised garden bed for tomatoes, currently growing broccoli and lettuce seedlings, cuppla lupins and beetroot and radish seeds.

other raised garden bed with emerging broadbeans, lettuce and kale seedlings

somewhat rickety raised beds, one featuring newly erected teepee skeleton for peas and beans,

the other for rhubarb yet again transplanted.

the pittosporum which was destined for the chop and cunningly decided to let tomatoes grow up through it.  The tomatoes are self-sown and continue to provide me with vitamin c as I graze the garden.

the path leading back to the house being weeded and the chives clumps split

hellebores emerging subtly beside fence painted 5 times with engine oil

bolder hellebore

artichoke and Steve's brass razoo

jerusalem artichokes from self-sown plant

plants on table in back porch

Steve preparing solstice sausage sizzle

Pharaoh Dog waiting patiently

finally food and an elegant drop (with elegant sauce bottle)

and a new book to read from the library, after Sandrine kindly gave me the first in the series for my birthday.  I have also put a library hold on the book Jackie Morris mentions today - Court of Lions.  All in all a very pleasant short day. Now I think I'll have a look at the Dr Zhivago dvd.

Monday, 19 June 2017

culture report

Not a lot to report!  Saw La La Land at the Orford Odeon last week.  I had a good time eating popcorn and drinking cab-merlot, and my friend Anna won first prize in the raffle. I could take or leave the movie but it did cause me to discover Honesty Trailers.  If you want to catch La La Land, watch the Honesty Trailer here and be done with it.
Steve and I have taken the Pharaoh Dog to Kingston beach
which is very dog friendly.  And we have discovered that a local cafe which we had considered rather ordinary, does excellent fish and chips - and very large serves.

Of course there was Tony Robinson in St Davids on Saturday night and   P O L D A R K   on Sunday night, so no complaints.  And today I picked up Dr Zhivago dvd from the library so shall indulge in that too.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Easter Angels update

Some of you recall the excitement when the Easterers strode down North Terrace,

generating rumours of a Charlie's Angels re-re-make.  You can catch the early action here.

Always on duty, Pearl and The Babe while away the time scanning the ocean for Soviet / Chinese submarines and prime ministerial looking chaps in wetsuits.

At a call, they're off  to rendezvous with Lady Jayne and hear of Charlie's next assignment for them

which they greet with the response it deserves.

[With thanks to Lady Jayne and her faceless and mysterious benefactor named .... ]

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Dog Days and Sundays

Eager anticipation outside the Orford Hall for the book market today.  I won't test you with more surreptitious photos of unknown people perusing books - have done that a cuppla times previously. Again I went determined to buy nothing
and managed to stick to five.  I've spent the last couple of weeks reading the last batch so I could return them today and leave an uncluttered patch of carpet on the bedroom floor.  Not to be.
And not to forget that it is Sunday.
This church in Orford has recently been converted to a house and looks rather splendid.  Once I would have sold my soul to do something like this.  Far too lazy now.

Friday, 9 June 2017

The Paris End

Some of you know that we live at the Paris end of Melbourne Street.  I took these photos some months ago from the front garden.  We are easily entertained in Tribes.
But we have  our moments of culture and glamour too.
This long weekend we have a Re-loved Fashion Market and another Pop Up Book Stall.  Curiously I was not asked to help out at the fashion do

but I will be at the PUBS for a cuppla hours tomorrow.  Of course it is also the Classic FM Love 100 Countdown which is rather blissful.
As is this photo from the Glorious Bean who was gallivanting around the towpaths and woodlands of England at the time.  The day after I received it by email I saw a very similar photo in an English Country Garden magazine at the Blood Bank.  A sign!  And so I'm re-thinking my garden.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Back at Bunna

I can 't say I didn't recognise Tribes when I got back but there have been some changes.
The supermarket's gone a trendy grey with timber paneling.
I think I've alerted you previously to the gnashers / mako denture shop.  Comfortingly, next door Beauty by the Sea has opened.

There was insufficient time in Adelaide this trip to have my usual Marden toenail makeover so I chanced BbtS and was delighted with my $22 pedicure ($50 on special at Marden).
The Japanese Garden outside the Visitor Information Centre has been re-discovered and is being revived.  I hope to get involved in this project.
The wharf and marina extensions go on a-pace.
The Triabunna Gatehouse has been officially opened
and I hope to bring you more news about this soon.
Gratuitous shot of the red gums (no connection to the denture shop) in front of the Barracks building taken some time ago.
 And life goes on.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Omm Adelaide

Unfortunately Sandrine and I are both able to wake up early.  Thus it was that we were up and about by 3.30 am the next morning and sitting in the dark at the bus-stop watching the big trucks go by at 4 am.  My bus for Adelaide came exactly on time at 5am.  This is a new service designed so that Mildurians can go shopping or keep appointments in Adelaide and be there and back on the same day.
It was getting light by 7 am when we pulled into Waikerie for a pitstop and from then on it was lovely seeing the sights I used to see on a regular basis when I drove from Wentworth to Adelaide.  In fact it was better because I was up higher in the bus and didn't have to concentrate on driving.  We arrived at Adelaide Bus Station on time at 9.30 am and I cut through buildings and coffee-seeking office workers to keep out of the rain and find an O-bahn bus.  Having negotiated all this successfully I arrived at Mum's and crashed for the rest of the day.
I picked up a hire car the next day and Mum and I had the freedom to lunch at Mercato's, get sushi, lunch at The Sussex with Pru and take Madame du Barry to the Flying Fish - not all on the same day, of course.  There were many other delights:
Rundle Street  Mall

a niece who makes chocolate cake

a recently discovered photo of aunts (and some uncles and a cousin)

a visit to the groovy Spinners and Weavers' Guild

and a last coffee at Grange with Heths to fortify us for a wander around Ikea.

I have no photo but a very vivid sound memory of yoga with Fleurieu Floosie at Encounter Bay.  The teacher started and ended the class with three oms and I was startled but entranced with their reverberance.  The last time I had ommed was during an anti Viet Nam war march in the 1970s.  And one last highlight by virtue of having a car:  racing around the backstreets late at night to pick up Tamasin from uni.  I really felt rejuvenated.