Saturday, 10 November 2012

A trip to Clare with Mum and Willowa

Last Sunday I drove to Clare to rendezvous with Mum and Willowa who were on an Endeavour Bus Tour.  It was a  hot day for the over 60s... and most of the  Tour participants kept to the shade while the young ones explored. Above is Willowa photographing the party huddled in the shade across the pond at Sarah's Gillentown Garden.
Fortunately there was a room for me at the motel where the Bus Tour was staying so I could enjoy gastronomic and visual delights like Lew's cheesecake.
The next day (which was much cooler) it was off to the Lyndoch Lavender Farm.  This I was keen to see cos Steve and I failed to find it some years back.  It's well worth finding.

 I was intrigued by the quartz and the river gum so high and apparently distant from a river.  Where is Mr Doherty when you need  him?  We had lunch at Williamstown which is always a good thing to do with friends.  Then on to the Whispering Wall.
 David the bus driver, Willowa and I walked over to the other side and whispered sweet nothings to Mum (in green top) and the gang.
Meanwhile a spooky child snuk up on Dave... possibly at Willowa's bidding...
Got home on Wednesday to one of my favourite things - jacaranda against a blue sky.

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  1. Looks like a great trip!! Lew's cheescake looks divine, wish I could have had some. Love your second picture of Willowa, think it makes her look very smiley and happy! Pem XX