Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Stravinsky's Lunch


There are things about living with an artist that drive me nuts.
Clutter, dust, grimy fingerprints.
But it has its unintended beauties too.
Which doesn't necessarily include the woman in the mirror.
Yesterday the artist's task was to clean the bathroom mirror - since he is so au fait with glass.  However the glass cleaner remains on the desk and you can see the state of the mirror for yourself.
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  1. LOL, D is still working on his sculpture, we are covered in polystyrene at the moment!! Is being very good with most household tasks though. Pem XXX

  2. Yes, us artists are a messy lot. I'm sure you and Matt would be able to commiserate. At the moment I'm a bit sick myself of all the lint and cotton threads everywhere....will have to get the vacuum cleaner out, As for cleaning mirrors, I need some one over here to clean the mirrors in the 5 bathrooms that are covered in mirrors which, in turn are covered fingerprints.

  3. Call that a messy mirror. We can still see your reflection!
    There is a long way to go before complaint can be justified. There are whole weeks when I conspire to never clean another mirror and as there is no-one else here with any notion of cleaning mirrors, we may soon have to rely on a good memory of faces (as opposed to a memory of good faces).

  4. You're probably right Bron. All things considered - vampires, old age, alzheimers - it's probably best to let the mirror age gracefully.

  5. I suppose I should check this blog more often than I do.