Sunday, 17 March 2013

Portland Ho!

The mobile library went to Portland last weekend to visit Southern Belle.
Drought has hit Portland and it was as hot there as in Wentworth, ie upper 30s degree centrigrade.  Southern Belle was wilting and I was a little in shock.

There was a sea breeze as Jill, Steve (hers) and I took the cliff walk opposite the golf club.

I always see the first signs of Easter in Portland (apart from Hot Cross Buns in the shops immediately after Christmas...)

Jill and I have both recently read The Paris Wife (Jill reading it in Paris gnash wail) and are on an Ernest Hemingway Thing, so note The Old Man and the Sea.

To the disgust of some (no names mentioned) I am also intrigued by graffiti.
Heat tempered as I am and invigorated at the thought of my forthcoming birthday, I raced ahead and took this photo of Jill and Steve.

We recuperated with lunch in Portland and then went to see the Dahlia Festival at the Portland Bot Gards.
Always the optimist, but of course they have no perfume.

Steve is a reporter and photographer for the local newspaper so also had to get up close and personal.

On Sunday night we partook of champagne (real) before Steve went into town to do his radio Jazz show.

Monday I drove home with a short stretch burnt out near Glen Isla / Cherrypool skirting the Grampians.

Now I have the pleasure of my books' homecoming and the reading of Jill's.
Note The Moveable Feast.
Can't wait.
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