Saturday, 14 December 2013

A Childish Christmas in Wools

Thank you Georgia

Perfect, I thought, for using up all those bubbly corks that The Body Shop no longer recycles.
I had no green wool so decided on a blue fir.

Not quite as I had envisaged.  Like someone in an oversize beanie.
Maybe reverse the cork?

hmmm a baobaob

ok on an ordinary cork, of which I have 1.

Steve suggested making a red(ish) Father Christmas hat.
Then I made a slightly wider one for a bubbly cork.

Getting there.
But talking of spiffy hats, did you see these on the The Women's Room blog?
What a fabulous idea!
And a warning - this is the first Christmasy thing I've done.
Don't hold your breath for cards and presents.
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  1. The widdle crocheted thingies are so cuuute! Well, done Mags. Had forgotten to check this part of your blog for a while......lovely birthday celebration for your Mum, with all her girls together.....great to see. And then Lady Bay, with all its glories......what good times you have glad you enjoyed the NZ wine. Happy Birthday to Steve also, reaching that milestone....hope the forms have all sorted OK. xx