Friday, 21 February 2014

Hobart 2 - Bellerive really

After walking to school with Sarah and Jake, I strolled through Salamanca Place before catching the bus to Bellerive.
 I took this as a fashion direction not voting instruction.
 Sad news on alighting from the bus at Wentworth Street, Bellerive.
The Goughs were our neighbours in Queen Street and their shop was a gem.
 Bellerive Beach is as beautiful as ever though I was intrigued by the apparent sculpture
 which, I think, is in fact to do with a new stormwater runoff.
 The view back towards my unit.
It really is my sort of place.


  1. And so, did you see your unit? Bellerive really has changed though. I was disappointed. It seemed really sparse and barren and just not the lovely place I remembered. Although down the end where your unit is seems better. It just seems like so many trees have been cut down and none planted to replace them.

  2. This is exactly what Jake says. I don't notice it because I'm so besotted with the beach but once I'm living there it may be different...

  3. The photos (esp of the beach) are lovely and your quirky commentary and choice of shots a lot of fun, Maggie. I hope Bellerive lives up to expectation despite some disapponting changes.