Friday, 12 February 2016

Master Class

About 50 years ago when I was in the first days / weeks of High School, a teacher called Mrs Masters came into the class bearing our exercise books.  She went through some selected ones and then asked 'Who is Margaret?'.  I put up my hand, maybe stood up. 'When you look at Margaret you can understand why her work is so untidy,' she said
I always think of this when I look at the trees against our front wall.
Guess which one is my favourite.


  1. The neatest one, which reminds you of that teacher's pet swot, CKB! There's always one in every class!!!! or four.

  2. Oh you have given me an idea. I was taken that the trees are planted in fours but I hadn't thought of making them into us. I shall enjoy pondering this. And of course CKB is particularly in the ether at the moment.