Tuesday, 6 September 2016

no-one to blame

but myself.  Yesterday I went to the Blood Bank in town.  I remembered the camera. I had charged the battery the night before.  The BB has moved to Bathurst Street and now has rooftop parking.  I like a bit of roof top.  So I took out my camera, framed a shot which showed that Hobart is starting to feel like a city - and I'd forgotten to put the battery in the camera.  It was a glorious day with magnolias leaping out of gardens and Mt Wellington (kunanyi) soaring like a cathedral.  But you'll just have to take my word for it.
If you're interested in local colour, I've discovered 2 authors who write Tassie based detective stories.
I've read 2 SJ Browns and finished the David Owen this afty.  I prefer the Pufferfish.  The DI Mahoney books read more like scripts to me.  Both, however, take you on a joyride around Tasmania.
And here's some green for Spring.

Tonight we're off to see The Grand Budapest Hotel at the Orford Odeon.

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