Friday, 10 February 2012

And the winner is

David Atkins!!!!  After dinner at my sister's place a cuppla weekends ago, Mum and I decided to check out David's entry in an exhibition at Brighton.  Helen and David had actually been installing (I think that is the correct term) the sculpture when we arrived at their place, necessitating Tamasin and Willowa to wait upon us hand and foot.  It was dark by the time Mum and I got to Brighton but a very obliging security man took us on a guided tour by torchlight.  Exhilarating as this experience was, we decided to look again the next day in glorious sunlight.
Check out the little girl checking out David's work.
How lucky I am to live in such peace, prosperity, generosity and creativity.  Long may it last!


  1. How fantastic. I love a good sculpture park! What is David's called? Did he really win? And where is brighton?

  2. The grounds are the Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club - the exhibition is only temporary. David really did win his Class - which I think was 'Emerging Artist'. I can't remember what David's sculpture is called - the theme was around modern stressors - I think. David's figure has white masking tape over his eyes.
    Brighton is a southerly suburban beach of Adelaide. It is not a beach I've probably mentioned before - very residential - sort of Bondi ish. Good fun but not my sort of beach.

  3. The piece is called 'Look Out' & yes it was emerging artist. Great picture of the silver sculpture, Pem