Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy St Davids Day

Cymru am byth.
Welsh flag knitted cushion by Georgia Mars.


  1. A bold and dreadful dragon indeed! I had been a-hunting a dragon's tail for Frederick for some time. Alas, to no avail, so I bought a crocodile tale and took it to him in Sydney disguised as a dragon tail.

    Now Missy Lillian, once convinced to go to day care on my first morning in Sydney, was enchanted by a re-enactment of a tale (different sort, you understand) of a dragon, whose eggs were stolen, but eventually recovered and was thus, very desirous of a dragon's tail and "borrowed" young Frederick's tale and wore it triumphantly to day care on the following Thursday.

    The Tail in question was a mere trifle compared to the one displayed above of course, but Lillian certainly had the air of a dragon about her as she wore it and it may portend character traits that few will choose to own, but I rather fancy myself as a dragon's Grandma or perhaps, just a dragon!


  2. Yes, I rather like the idea of Lillian of the Ballet being a dragon, and being triumphant too. In the valediction I made at my Dad's funeral, I referred to him as a dragon. I like dragons. I'm glad the eggs were recovered. We need more dragons.