Thursday, 3 May 2012

Days to remember

On some recent training, I had to identify some groups that I belonged to.   One of them was 'Friends at Easter'.  We then had to place them under 'social', 'activities', 'therapeutic' and 'professional'.  After some deliberation, I placed 'Friends at Easter' under 'therapeutic'.  It makes me whole again to be with my mates at Easter.

We eat well.

Another view of Stoneleigh's front garden.

My laundry bedroom.

The business centre.

The lounge that we used once.

Bron's bedroom.

The Barossa Farmers Market.
(Adorable nieces, please point out diablo player to your father.)

Walking into Angaston  for adventure.

Getting to the Town Hall Market just in time to be too late.

The Council Offices that are for sale - would make a fabulous house if Stoneleigh Cottages don't suit...

The Sculpture Park in its very clever setting.

The Blacksmith's Shop, Angaston.

Secret gardens.

All you need is love, enough money and 3 good friends (one with camera).

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  1. and of course, the goddess, who is always with us...

  2. I hope so. She's the one with the camera...

  3. No, she is the administrative support and very well trained in chaos theory.

    The goddess is a function of a good woman raised to the power of 4, or should that be a powerful woman, empowered to a count of four? Anyway, she is some function of women and mystical / mathematical powers.