Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kitchen Garden


This is the Wentworth School's Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden.  It is a wonderful space.  I am keen to volunteer there but work gets in the way...  This was ANZAC Day.  We dropped off a huge bag of peatmoss that Steve had bought me when I wanted potting mix.  The shed is new and serves as a classroom as well.  The original schoolroom, 1868 or similar, has been converted to a kitchen where the kids learn to use and cook the garden produce and get to dine in.  It is a truly inspiring project.  There is a competition on Classic FM where you can win a grand piano for your school.  If I could get myself organised, I'd see if the school would like to participate.  Imagine the kids dining and a grand piano being played in the background.
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  1. Lovely. I was both pleased and disappointed to see that the kids' old elementary school this year had started an edible garden. Please because I think projects like that are so worthwhile, and disappointed because my kids missed out. Reading your gardening book by the way. Very slowly as I am so tired when I go to bed. But yes, I love it, although I could never be that kind of gardener. I also got your other package in the mail, and devoured the FRANKIE magazine while working on the welcome desk at the high school last week. What a great publication. Haven't had a chance to have a good look at the other book yet.

  2. The other book is about rug-making - so it may not be useful in Singapore. Glad you're reading the gardening book - though to me it's more about the nature of a home than gardening per se. I think it's a north American book, so possibly can stay at Vermont. I like Frankie - somehow it seems fresh and clean.