Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The missing Wednesday

I had to go to the dentist to be fitted for crowns.  Steve was so smitten with my outfit, he took a photo.  I should rip the sleeves off my denim jackets more often.

It was Steve's birthday and we realised that we have quite a good record of our garden on 21 Novembers.
In the evening we celebrated comme d'habitude though we had resolved to take a photo of us together and I studied up on how to do it.  Two seconds are very short - I don't know how anyone can set up the camera and get in place in 2 seconds!

Ten seconds was just right - though I wish I'd had a crown to keep my hair in place.


  1. Ta da! I tried to comment yesterday to say that the photos still weren't working for me, but it wouldn't let me, and then today there they are! Yes I do like the sleeveless jacket and I'm sure it makes sense for spring.

  2. Another of life's mysteries. The photos were there, then there they were gone. I had to reload them. Oh a blogger's life is not an easy one.