Sunday, 28 July 2013

River Song

Just to explain my absence...  Too much has been happening at Wentworth-on Darling.
One weekend there was the Junction Rally.  We didn't visit the action but did enjoy the little steamships  tooting, yipping and bellowing along the river.
Then it was the annual Sweatbox and Agricultural Art Exhibition.
These hands are made from sweatboxes (like the boxes the lamp in the corner is standing on).  They are an amazing piece of work and you were allowed to play with them - pull them apart, let them go, tumultuous applause.

A cruder but endearing use of sweatboxes.

I voted this lamp as my favourite in The People's Choice.  When I first saw it, the bulb was invisible and the light source very intriguing.  While I gazed, mesmerised, the maker nipped up the shop and bought another globe because he thought it looked better.  I disagree.  I was tempted to buy the lamp and, if we really did own King Arthur's Coffee Table (reference to a comment on Steve's blog!), I would.

I came across this intriguing patch of grass the weekend of the Junction Rally.  I didn't capture it very well on my phone, but it looked to me like a boat had been resting there.  When I downloaded the photo, it reminded me of The Devil's Footprints at St Davids Cathedral.  Naturally, I am amused.

Here's something new at the Post Office.
Wednesday I went to a Writers Workshop.
Last night Steve and I took in a show at the Mildura Arts Centre - Happy As Larry.  Wonderful modern dance incorporating baskeball, roller blades, climbing up walls.  Could see Kit and Ella right there.
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  1. As soon as I saw that grass, before you even mentioned the Devil's foot prints, it reminded me of the blue grass we saw in Wales.

    Love the sweat box art...although I am intrigued as to why they are called "sweat" boxes.

  2. 'a standard box used to transport dried fruit from the vineyard drying ground to the packing shed for processing' - but not used any more - therefore recycling them as art works.

  3. River Song,
    What happens now that there is a new Doctor? Do you regenerate? How will we know you?