Monday, 8 July 2013

too damned quiet

I've had a complaint that my blog has gone too quiet.  Which is good.  It's nice to know you're listening.  I've also been thinking that life is a bit too comfy and quiet and, interestingly, Jane Brocket seems to have had similar thoughts recently.  For me these thoughts were brought on the weekend before last as I watched families picnic on the river bank and children from houseboats play wildly.  The above days from the early 80s came to mind...  It was a very Bellerive weekend.  John and Gaye, our former nextdoor neighhbours, called in to see us.  Talking with them made Bellerive seem so close.  It was a weekend for thinking of other times and places:  Tamasin's birthday, Bronny returning from overseas and visiting Corinne and Heather in Adelaide, Georgia and family in Vermont.
Last weekend I drove to Broken Hill to see Steve's newly opened exhibition Silver City Highway.  I started to feel ill about 30kms out of Broken Hill, which is why I look a bit glum in this photo.
And I've been off work yesterday and today.  It was worth the drive, though.  Lovely to see the work in a dedicated space.  The whole Regional Art Gallery was stunning.
ps further to the Order out of Chaos post below:  the other day as I drove past, people were bent over the pumpkins like a huge game of tunnel ball.


  1. Ok, million dollar question: can you name everyone in Jake's birthday photo? There's one person I have no idea who they are! Yes, your blog has been very quiet lately...methinks you need a holiday to revive blog blodwyn.

  2. I'm assuming you mean the little chap between you and Jake. The only friend of Jake's whose name I can recall is Jeremy Morse, and I'm pretty sure it's not him. Steve says there was something pretty spekky about him - he was a jock footballer or similar.

    Your wish is my command.

  3. I say nothing about pumpkins, having returned to a boredom (I think that is the collective term) of butternuts, sigh!

    I do sympathise with any ennui. The trip to Adelaide was wonderful, There were the pleasures of caching up with Corinne and Heather. Hilda and Jenny were similarly entertaining. The former was even able to make the clouds part and the sun shine at we approached Pt E.

    The gallery looks stunning, but with you and Steve there, could it be otherwise! Here's to enough chaos to keep us all on our toes, but pleasurably so. Strega should do the trick!

    Georgia s on the mark, we await blog blodwyn.