Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Australia Day weekend

It's Australia Day and Sunday so I had to wash the car.  I'm at Mum's and used a bucket and chamois and shared the water with a very parched garden.  I have been very good at keeping New Year Resolutions in the last few years and am very pleased with the results.  The car washing one is the one I can't achieve.  Last year I managed one wash - in January.  I'm only trying for 2 - 4 each year because I think it's a daft waste of time and resources.  However...  It's also the anniversary of this blog.   I don't have access to a computer as I write (using a notepad and beautiful pencil - to be transposed later [now]) to check how long it's been running.
It's proving to be a beautifully lazy day.  Mum's reading a book set in Pembrokeshire and I'm reading The Hobbit which my Dad read to Helen and me as children in England.
Yesterday evening we went to Brighton to see the sculptures.  We had fish and chips on the forefront amidst the buzz of promenaders and dogs.  Lovely to feel the sea air and the buzz.
 Here's the winning entry.
Here's Mum at the most important entry - David's.
Here's one with a sense of deja vu - plate glass...
Perhaps not the most visually pleasing - Weighting for Godot.
Amusing, n'est ce pas?
One for Bronny and her Mum - Everlasting Love.
My favourite - a bendy dog.
One of Mum's favourites.
One of the media's favourites.
 And my particularly arty phone shot into the sun.
Whiling away time while waiting for the fish and chips with dozens of other people.
Our Mercato bought lunch on Australia Day. Little ripper.


  1. I've just been down to Brighton with B, there are indeed some great sculptures! We both liked the giraffe too but B was not amused by Everlasting Love and Weighting for Godot! Pem XXX

  2. Good. I'm glad B didn't like them - we need diversity of views and taste to evolve and create. Lovely that you two were able to get there.

  3. I'm pretty sure my dad read the hobbit to you, me and Jake many years ago too....

  4. Maybe he'll do it again in Tassie... We could have a Hobbit Party.

  5. Love the one of you and your Mum settling down to lunch! Yummy!