Friday, 6 March 2015


After a latish start, I strolled the garden and finally remembered to take a photo of my sea holly

of which I am inordinately proud.  Here you can see it virtually covering the new bit at the Louvre...
Steve suggested we install our new light fittings and we did.  It was a much easier job than we thought but took about 3 times longer that we realised - we're not quite as spry leaping up and down ladders and things.  For new evening eating experiences we had the choice of the Golf Club or the East Coaster under new management.  Had we tried the Golf Club we could have strolled the beachfront and gazed at Maria Island.  Choosing the East Coaster, we continued our previous 'pilgrimage' walk.
Glimpsing our destination.
I think this may be a Bunyah Pine.
From the resort you can see the wood chip mill clearly.  Not so clear in this photo, admittedly.  The green sheddy building has been the venue for some fabulous concerts and we are so hoping that Graham Walsh's arts precinct concept is developed.  Maria Island is visible behind.
After an average meal we drove back to our beautiful waterfront at Tribes.
Steve called me in excitedly to see 'our four new lights' in the living room.
The fourth was the full moon.
(Sadly I didn't prepare the room for a photo shoot).
Of course, I was lured outside.
I thought I'd be clever and juxtapose the moon and the overhanging quince I just happened to have had my eye on for a while.
It didn't really work.
But I think they look like little moon lanterns in their own right.
Coming home, I thought the house looked rather festive.  And then noticed that the moon's reflection was in the house...
Well, I can see it anyway!!


  1. So funny to think that I was looking at that same lovely moon inThailand. And it was lovely.

  2. That's the wonderful thing about the sun and moon - we all share them. XXXX

  3. Very nice! Nice photographs too. Mother would be very envious about those quinces....