Thursday, 28 January 2016


It's raining like I've never seen before.  Possibly a la monsoon, but I've never been privy to that. Lightning and rolling thunder with occasional direct hits. It's easy to believe the gods are gaming on Mt Olympus.  Fortunately our house is small so the usually petrified Sis is taking it all in her stride with us all huddled together.  I feel for less favoured animals and humans frightened by thunder.  And the campers next door.  Tents look abandoned.  Our garden is flooded and appears to be benefiting from a wash of topsoil from the caravan park.  I was going to the gym this morning but decided to savour this event.  Steve brought me coffees in bed and I alternated between listening to the rhythms of the storm and Classic FM.  Eventually I had to get up to view the panorama of  water and the cascading birdbaths.
This rain started yesterday afternoon and is forecast to continue today and tomorrow.  We were lucky to have some gentle rain on Tuesday which moistened the drought dried soil and, hopefully, made it absorbent prior to the flooding. I reckon the tank is full.
I'm wondering what is happening at the archeological dig at the Marine Barracks.

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