Monday, 29 August 2016

Tassie Idyll

Went South for the weekend to Abels Bay.  The weather was windy and showery which gave the Green Bean and me the perfect excuse to read magazines and swap gardening ideas.  It also gave GB plenty of time to cook (though she has that down to a fine art) and we ate most royally, including venison on Saturday night (with a mushroom risotto, of course).  Next time I shall photograph each meal - if I remember.
We did venture out on the Saturday and made another visit to the wonderful Woodbridge Nursery.  We didn't buy any of these sedums.  The photo was supposed to capture the raindrops reposing in and on the leaves like sparkling diamonds and lenses.  I did buy a tree-dahlia. GB finally got her hands on the Bishop of Llandaff, a dahlia she'd been after for some time.  We drove through clouds of wattle to another nursery, River Bend, which is a much smaller venture and only opens on Friday and Saturdays.  A good find for the future.

As you can see from the photos above, the Bean's garden is coming on nicely.
Sunday we had to walk off some of the delicious lunches, mains and desserts, and breakfasts for that matter.  We stepped out to the contentious Eggs and Bacon Bay.  An animal rights group has recently requested that the name be changed to Apple and Cherry Bay.
The rain came in but passed quickly over us as we stood behind this tree.  The goddess was certainly smiling on us.  After our bracing walk, GB whipped up another Michelin 4 star lunch and then I was on my way back to Tribes, after a cup of tea or two.
Monday saw me back on the road, lunching with Madam Cyn this time.  We dined at Maning Reef in Sandy Bay - a gargantuan feed of tempura veg, seafood and sweet potato cake with chips.  We were too stuffed to have summer pudding for dessert.
And here's a cuppla iconic shots for those who know Tassie well:
The Tasman Bridge from Cornelian Bay
The boat sheds at Cornelian Bay.
There was a time when I desperately wanted to own one of those boat sheds.  Now I just want to remember to take photos more often.  Today Jill had a play date with her Big Boy friend, Dexter, and I took not one photo.  Admittedly Dexter's Mum, Dorothy, and I mostly sat inside and had tea and chocolates.


  1. Nice pictures! Maybe one day I will find the time to come over....
    Pem xxx

  2. Yes, please do. In the mean time you may enjoy this . Sorry, can't get it to display as a link in this space.

  3. Oh my. You certainly know how to click my nostalgia button. The photos are glorious - I love Jean's garden. Nursery-hopping is my favourite sport though these days there's not much incentive to buy with my little pocket-handkerchief garden.

  4. You know that Liz and Kyrle used to have a shack at Eggs and Bacon bay? I spent a lovely few weeks with them one summer and it was so nice to see a photo of that beach again where I found both a dead seahorse and shark's eggs- both treasures to me as a child!

  5. I had totally forgotten that, George. And I think, treasures still. Your textile works take me to the sea.