Friday, 9 March 2018

why I blog

Not just because Mrs Omniscient Henry, The Queen of Hearts and I went for a lovely walk yesterday,

nor because you may like to know what's happening in the school garden (Jill PD was enthralled by the dynamic lifter),

not even because the postponed hunt for sea lavender is on today, BUT so that I can remember the books I've read.  Chatting to some tourists who were en route to Port Arthur, I told them of the theory that convicts to Van Diemens Land had it much better than their NSW counterparts until George Arthur arrived.  Could I remember the name of the book, or the writer?  No sirree.  But I could come home and find it on the 5/1/18 post.  Doesn't help the tourists much but I am much relieved.  I also needed relief after
Steve's latest foray into portraiture. And I always thought my Mum looked like the queen!
His self-portrait isn't quite as disturbing.


  1. All you need is a tiara and you'll be invited to the royal wedding I'm sure. And there's definitely a bit of a likeness between Steve and the curmudgeonly Prince Phillip.

  2. ooooo I hadn't thought of The Royal Wedding. I'll see what I can do.