Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Life has been very rich indeed in Tribes.  There was a cornucopia of fruit and veg coming our way from local gardens.
So good has been the season that Wilma and Rob next door have started their own street stall.  You may notice we had a Greens sign on our gate for our recent election.  It didn't help the Greens much but I was impressed that no harm befell us or the posters.
I am still intrigued at the ambiguity of this one.

I went to extraordinary lengths planning my look for a cocktail party but then was ill on the day.

And just as I'm preparing for my Easter Road Trip this little beauty alights next door, complete with cocoon.

I may not get to blog again before I leave on Saturday so HAPPY and BOUNTIFUL EASTER TO YOU ALL!


  1. Bon voyage and safe travelling. Looking forward to catching up!! FF