Monday, 12 March 2012

The reason is

The reason I've been a little quiet for a while is that I have a new job.  This means I no longer work in NSW and no longer have a work phone - so no more spontaneous snapping of photos.  As some of you know, my personal phone has no camera capability.  I keep it because it looks like a Chanel design to me, and possibly was...  Above is one of the last photos I took with the work phone.  The naked ladies / Madonna lilies are also Easter lilies, and so provided a brief reminder that Easter is on its way and with it 4 days of pure indulgence.
The new job is project work for the Mildura Base Hospital Mental Health Service.  I already work at the hospital as a Carer Consultant, but now I also have the project job which is situated in the heart of Mildura, so I am a City Girl again for a while.  So far it's all good.
The downside of taking the new job is that I now work 4.5 days / week which is still pretty luxurious, but meant I couldn't take my annual February sojourn in Portland.  I think of Easter lilies when I think of February in Portland, they are so abundant in the fields.  Then on Saturday, Steve and I went for a little jaunt up the Darling and saw these.
Darling Lilies.  I had heard of them.  Marg Whyte has a lovely card of a fairy sitting beneath a clump of lilies and knitting socks.  The card is titled Consider the lilies...  They also have an exquisite perfume which is hard to capture in a blog.
But try.

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  1. I adore lillies of all kinds. How lovely to see them on the side of the road like that. We have some in the garden, but every year they get eaten by the japanese beetles that seem to love them. With the deer eating the tops off the tulips, my garden is a bit sad in spring.