Monday, 19 March 2012

Happy Birthday

 Rosie gave me a camera for my birthday.  Apparently Steve had complained that my blog was boring, so my faithful girl got me a lovely red camera.  She would have preferred pink but knew that could cause confusion with Bronnie's over Easter.  Sissy gave me a lovely yellow reading lamp.
The day before, we went to a wedding in Mildura - I think it was the first one I've been to since my own.  John and Lynda's is a lovely story.  We had to take these photos on Steve's mobile phone.

The chocolate mudcake wedding cake apparently was finished 10 minutes before the wedding.  I, of course, was gnashing and wailing that it wasn't fruitcake with marzipan.

Walking to the car on our way home we discovered where the kids had put the candles - and a not so glamorous cinderella had left a shoe.

This staged shot is to show you what a fashionista I've become since reading InStyle magazine.  The pink shoes and bag accessorised the dress I wore to Georgia and Matt's wedding some time ago...

Cuppla birthday shots with  new camera for those who will recognise their significance. 

A glass of bubbly at the Autumn Table in the late afternoon.
A very good birthday.
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  1. Glad it was a good birthday, and i am now looking forward to a very interesting blog. Rosie is so clever. I hope you sat on your dragon. And got my email apologising profusely for not calling you. I had told Ella about 10 times that I mustn't forget to call you. She said, " oh that means this time next year....", although as I said to you, it doesn't because we have to wait for the school holidays...although depending on when easter is next year, they get a week off then.... Happy birthday Maggie!!!!

  2. Here's to on-going autumnal pleasures for you and yours.

    Perhaps understated is a gentler reference than boring for Tirra Lirra?

    It is wonderful to see your yellow floral glories. We await the future bounty of Rosie's red camera.

  3. Glad you had a great birthday, those sunflowers are great. They look just like my Jerusalem Artichokes - first one out today!!