Saturday, 31 March 2012

An Inconvenient Artist

 You may have seen Steve's artwork from this morning on his blog.  After he'd set out, it occurred to me that I would be able to see him from the deck.  And I could.  Except that he had thoughtlessly parked where he was very hard to see.  It wasn't until he was leaving that I managed to get a clearer, though still infinitesimally small, picture.

Here's the Darling from the deck.  Flowing beautifully at the moment.

And here's the Murray last Sunday.  We had a small afternoon picnic...
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  1. and if anyone wants to know why the artist drives 400 or so metres to do his is because he uses the back of the ute as a sort of art table, for paints, water etc wherever possible his little fisherman's stool is located immediately adjacent and while he paints on his lap, his preferred painting style the ute is very useful as a table. Of course when he eventually gets to paint in NY, Paris, Venice etc he may have to think of a suitable alternative...