Wednesday, 12 September 2012

And then there was last weekend

The keen eyed observer may just make out the paddle steamer just visible from my verandah room - perhaps you can see the lifebuoy?  Lots of old boats in Wentworth on Friday night, gathering to arrive flotilla style in Mildura the next day for the 100th birthday of the PS Melbourne.  It's lovely to hear their whistles as they leave.  The Abbottsford Bridge over the Murray was to be closed from 11am to 12.15pm so the boats could pass beneath.  I was to meet Heths at Banrock at 12.30pm South Australian time and vote in our local elections so timing was critical.

Made the deadlines.  Had to investigate this well dressed tree 100kms out of Mildura.
 Noticed these dumped paint tins - not respectable but quite arty...
 Arrived at Banrock in plenty of time.
 Here she comes now, here here she comes now...
 We ordered a snack
 and then went for a walk.
 Heths was most taken with this birds nest in a bird-hide - swifts, I think.
Fruit trees on the drive home.
A fabulous day.
We must do it again.

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  1. Ah banrock. My favourite wine to drink in Vermont! Love the yarnbombed tree, but the litter would really bug me.