Friday, 21 September 2012

Go Wenty!!!!

Wentworth Roos won the footy final last weekend.  There really is no stopping us.  So, in the spirit of progress, I am reporting on another significant win for Wentworth - Jade Tempy's Cafe and Gallery.  Jade's cafe has been operating for some time but Jade thinks big so decided to move to bigger premises over the road.
I spent a very pleasant July afternoon watching Jade's family and friends slave away while I sipped FairTrade coffee with Colin Firth...  Don't get excited, there's no photos of Colin Firth.
And now it's open for business.

So now when we come out of our gate, we can look left,
 look right (north),
 look east,
 and look west.
 Sometimes west's not best.


  1. Love the finished result, looks almost greek? Blue being one of my favourite colours...Pem XXX

  2. Now that's interesting. The colour is more grey in actuality. Our place used to be white and blue - a lady complained to me that she didn't like our new colours because before our place looked so Greek. I'll have to see if I can find an old photo before we had the Bank 'heritaged'. You are too too clever!!

  3. So did you and dad kick off the gentrification of Wentworth?

  4. breeding will out...
    Of course I have mixed feelings about gentrification - nice for those who can afford it but unfortunate for those who get pushed / priced out as part of the process. We'll see! I do think having our bank 'heritaged' has been useful for Darling Street. I think the only way the street can survive is to be a food / art hub - the Silver City Highway part of town is now the commercial part. Town planning is so interesting...