Monday, 11 February 2013

Happy Happy New Year


Given our Tet plans in Sydney went awry, I thought I'd start the Year of the Snake at Port Elliot.
I drove there on Friday via Tailem Bend.  A pelican greeted me while I was waiting for the ferry at Wellington.  Got to Port Elliot about 2 pm, lunch at Flying Fish then a lounge on the beach and a toss in the waves.  Perfect.
These photos start on Saturday.  Strangely it had never occurred to me that perhaps I love Port Elliot because it reminds me of St Davids.  More of a Jane Austen church than a cathedral, but a village feel with the sea in walking distance and the quirky signs of a holiday resort.
I stayed at the pub with a view up The Strand towards the sea.
More photos to follow.
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  1. At first I thought they were photos from St. David's and then I saw the sea which some how looked very Australian. So yes, I can understand why you love it there....
    Happy new year for you in your year!

  2. Dear Miss Grimshaw,
    I suspect that I see The Burglar trying to get out of shot in photo 11, or is she simply seeking the snake which you were there to celebrate? If so, how did you sneak her into The Strand?

  3. Most perceptive of you, Lady Jayne, but kindly keep your observations to yourself. I was scarpering undercover - Grimshaw does not know I was there.
    Rosie Burglar Gladstone-Bag xxxx

  4. Yes, George, the sea is a different blue isn't it. I think it's time to re-acquaint ourselves with St Davids.

  5. Those photos are absolutely gorgeous and I too thought at first they were from Wales! Particularly love numbers 8 and 13 but they are all lovely. Pem XXX

  6. I see a family holiday in Port Elliot is a necessity. Re photo13, the story goes that one of the Great Ancestors created the rocky island - and you can still see his fishing nets draped over some of the rocks to dry. A friend at work told me yesterday that the rounded rock at the end is called Pudden Island because of its shape and because high waves break over it and it looks like sauce over pudding. Yum.