Saturday, 16 February 2013


The woman beside the camera.
Don't shoot.

Yesterday, despite my no-carbs diet, we decided to have a hamburger for lunch.
All things in moderation, especially moderation.
Fortunately the shop is next door. Unfortunately the business has just been sold so I'll miss little treats like personalised hamburger bags,

and delicious hamburgers.
Sissy and Rose will miss their good mate, Harry.

But Jen will be able to return to her island home.
All this on the verge of entering the Age of Enlightenment and Elegance.
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  1. It should be noted that Jen's island home is not on our island...Tasmania, Tasmania no relation to Albania, Romania, or Transylvania, our Tasmania...Jan's is somewhere else possibly off QLD

  2. No carbs must be working well for you as you both look pretty fantastic! We've also been low carbing it, but actually very difficult when you have visitors that you are taking around! Also haven't been for a run since last weekend! That has a lot to do with rain, exhaustion from walking around SG and now this terrible cold that I have.

  3. Yes, I think the hardest thing with the low / no carbs thing is socialising - takes a while to think of alternatives. It's very difficult when someone makes a cake for you or you have a special morning tea at work. I don't eat rice or pasta or bread now - except as a very special treat. Sometimes I have chips...