Sunday, 5 October 2014

Garden news

A lot of this is not new, but let's start at the very beginning...
Here's the slab for the studio and workshop - which are now fully built and much used.  Note the adjacent highway going through the centre of our garden.
One day we had the bright idea of softening its impact a bit by removing some of the pavers.  Steve set to.
 We were both somewhat stunned by the weight of them.  While Steve is having a rest, note view down side of house to street

and in particular the japonica in the corner.

These blossoms have been a great joy to me.  I've always wanted a japonica.

Looking at the same bush from the front gate.

Those conifer things are going to go - I have a plan.  They look cute and Christmassy but tear your hands to pieces if touch them.  Very welcoming!  That's the ambulance station over the road.
For now, we've done the big works in the garden so Steve can relax for a while.  Note the borrowed landscape, Wilma's lovely garden nextdoor.

A startlingly sunny day and a barbie with Jake and Sarah.
You can always tell when Sarah has been to the house.
Lovely energies linger.

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