Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas shelf

This is not me slurring though I did have Christmas Pudding and Brandy Custard for breakfast with a Gingerbread chaser.  In anticipation of not many presents or cards, I devoted the space above the microwave to them.  But I was most pleasantly surprised.
Good old Santa.  But far more importantly, friends,
We finally got around to Christmas Dinner on Boxing Day because we're a little slow.  However this did allow Jake to partake.  I cooked the dinner so as to wear my new apron.

Pretty spiffy eh?  A present from the Glorious Bean and made by her own green fingers.
Incroyable.  I hope Lady Jayne's rels won't be chasing the Bean now for aprons.  And talking of Lady Jayne and flowery meades, I finally have a cornflower.
Not exactly room for a unicorn in there but hopefully it is the first of many - cornflowers and unicorns.  The next trick will be to get cornflowers and red poppies in flower together.  You doubtless also noted my lovely crocs which Jake wisely spent his hard earned money on.  I had intended to try out for a new pair in the apres Christmas sales but Jake saved me all that bother.
In other gardening news (Jake will have tuned out now):
a gift from the goddess - a selfsown lily
close-up of the blossom on the hammock trees
glimpse of hollyhock through seeding parsley
another view of hollyhocks, poppies, seeding parsley and silverbeet.
Note that Jake has whippersnipped the garden within an inch of its life.
bemused Pharoah Dog wondering where all the grass has gone.
You may be able to detect the heart shape on the gate to the left of photo.  Sarah made it when last she was here (and I taught her how to weed).  There are lots of little mementoes like this around.  But today I noticed that the noughts and crosses game she had left on the bathroom mirror has finally been erased.

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  1. Such delights! The embroidery on your apron is beautiful and you are so clever to conjure a cornflower. We had not a one after two years of them. I suspect that the bulbs which they covered over after flowering, got their revenge and strangled them underground. Gardens are brutal places! We managed a hollyhock or two, but what I did with the Reilly's seeds is a deep mystery. Is the clever Jake interested in providing order and beauty to Canberra gardens? XXXX LJ