Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Lumberjack reunion

Remember the story of the felling of the radiata pine?  That was part of the Orford Interpretive Walk project which was launched today.  My 4 lumberjacks were keen to talk with The Pharoah and reminesce about that glorious day in the forest.  I was a little cageyer fearing their parents may be within hearing.  Fortunately the Official Launch commenced with the Mayor in attendance.

Here's what it's all about.

So now I just have to get a QR scanner on my phone.  Apparently you get these from the Apps Shop on your phone.  I'll have to have a look.  Or ask Jake when he returns from working at The East Coaster today.
As I was leaving, Santa pulled up in his MGB.  So buoyed was I by this event, I indulged in an  ice-cream on the way home.
It may have only been a Peter's but it was one of the best strawberry ice-creams I've tasted.  The Pharoah was more interested in the escaped nasturtiums.
Lovely views of Maria Island from this little cafe.  Here's the view from the front of the units  you can see in the photo.
(you'll have to excuse the UFO - it's a windy day)
Maria Island a little to the left
Orford nestled to the right
This area of beach is a bird sanctuary so I kept Pharoah Jill on leash which cramped her style a little.
Shades of Wentworth

A shed possibly unknown to the Shed Portrait Artist


  1. Idyllic surroundings. It's a beautiful part of the world, that's for sure. And well done you on successful hollyhock! The garden continues to amaze me. What are those white flowering trees? Sadly, my hammock is in storage due to the dearth of trees or posts of any kind. Still trying to find a solution. FF

  2. Forgot to say: Did you sing Michael Palin's Lumberjack Song? FF

  3. I didn't sing it but it was very much on my mind!
    I'm not sure what the trees are called. I think they're natives. They're quite common. We had them in Griffith too. They have a papery sort of bark. I'll consult my tree book if I still have it. I'm sure The Green Bean oracle would know, if I ever remember to ask her. All in all, don't hold your breath...