Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Ho Ho Happy

I have decked the house out for Christmas and last night Santa rewarded me with a wonderful event at the Orford Odeon aka Triabunna Community Hall.  On arrival (and payment of $5) we were given a ticket for the Lucky Door Prize and a ticket for a free anything from the bar / snack bar.  It was a hot day yesterday and I wasn't up to my usual glass of red and a Mars Bar so I sat quietly until the interval when I was ready for a bubbly on the house.  We watched the 2016 Jungle Book with a Mowgli who reminded me very much of Sarah chatting away to the animals.  After the film, the stage curtains closed and the raffle was drawn. Then the curtains pulled open to reveal a large Christmas Tree and Santa's chair.  And in walked Father Christmas ho ho ho-ing and ringing a bell.  Good old Santa kept giving out Lucky Door Prizes until just about everyone in the audience had a prize, and certainly every child did.  And then the recipients of the Orford Odeon Community Grants were announced - 7 groups shared $10,000 of profit from the films and raffles.  That's the spirit of Christmas.
All that and a full moon.


  1. Third time lucky? My posts seem to be getting binned, which, give the quality of commentary, I could applaud if I was not so directly implicated.
    I want to meet those chappies who are hiding behind your stone wall, ready to share Christmas cheer.
    Triabunna certainly seems to do Christmas cheer with greater enthusiasm than Rivett does! We could do with a bit more Ho! Ho! Ho! and spirit of community.

  2. Love your stone wall- still contemplating the wisdom of the Santa hats. Perhaps my inner child has gone for good. But what a lovely night that must have been. We have a very small (30cm tall) Target tree on the table with the holy koala atop. And my collection of old Santas on a shelf. That's the Christmas spirit at No. 5 I'm afraid. Joyeux noel etc FF

  3. I can only assume the chaps in hats are French and doing what comes naturally, possibly after a big night wasssailing. Of course they could be very short chaps abseiling.