Saturday, 12 August 2017

Careful out there

It has been a day of high winds and I went out to the garden to find this. The wind had blown the scissors out of their container and plunged them into a crack in the paving. Tomorrow I'm off to Mum in Adelaide for a fortnight, hopefully getting in a few other visits. Nothing planned so far apart from Mum wanting sushi for tea tomorrow night and tapas at Long View Winery the following Sunday.

It's been quite a busy week but I managed to finish this book despite re-reading Go Set a Watchman and viewing Pie in the Sky DVDs with Steve.  (I was involved in a Quiz Night last night and now know that DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc. I also learnt that Vincent Van Gogh was an Italian Impressionist artist... but the quiz master will not enter into any correspondence.)  This book was recommended some time ago in the blog of The Woman Living my Life in Wales, ie Jackie Morris.  I enjoyed the story, particularly the parts set in the Alhambra palaces in Spain, but don 't think it is a great book.  Perhaps I was prejudiced by the baddy's mother having lived in my cottage in Porth Clais.