Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Home and away

My apologies to those with whom I should have corresponded.  I went away for the weekend and then spent 2 days trying to reconcile financials in my role as Treasure.  I still haven't cracked it but the good news is that the meeting I thought was today is in fact next week.  And today has proved to be the best of Spring so far.  Sunny and no wind until late afternoon.
At Abel's Bay the weekend was cold and windy but what cared I with stacks of English home and garden magazines and a wood fire to peruse.  The Glorious Bean and I made a trip to the Woodbridge Nursery and the Riverbend Nursery, where it was owner Blue's birthday and he gave us each a pomegranate plant - an ornamental one for the Bean to paint and a fruiting one for me cos I like to eat.
Jean whipped up a feast for Mr Glorious Bean to take to the Men's Shed where the car racing on the big screen never stops.  We ate the leftovers above, and some fine Stilton cheese.  One Easter we will make these little pigs in baskets for a certain Birthday Girl who has never had Yorkshire Pudding...
A delicious lunch eaten on the sheltered back deck with a view of the skeletal Christmas tree.

On Monday Jill PD and I went to close up the Gatehouse and spied these little gems:
My impulse is to put them where I found them and let the universe take them but in the meantime I'm waiting to hear from the school as to whether they would like to share them with the students who grow the produce for the Gatehouse stall.  I'll give them a cuppla more days.

This morning I looked out the kitchen window and saw a Trojan Horse, curiously positioned outside
the laundry from which I rescued a man recently.  It was a harbinger of doom.  The milk was sour for my pot of tea and there was no bread for my toast. The Pharaoh Dog and I trotted to the supermarket
taking in The Barracks where the grape hyacinths are pushing through despite the summer archaeological digs
and home to our lovely house, wall and japonica, and a nice cup of tea.


  1. Some of us have hardly ever had Yorkshire Puddings, so all must be considered in your bounty!

  2. Rescuing a man from a laundry??? The mind boggles!
    But I love the barracks. Are they being used for anything??

  3. Lady Jayne, you shall have Puddin'.
    Floosie, you shall soon see the Barracks. They are the site of the annual archaeological dig and will be B&Bs when the owners retire.

  4. The Barracks will be Bronwyn's & Bill's when they retire! - jolly generous of them is all that I can say. We will be able to visit and annoy you at will! We will need a yacht please, to get to Maria Island. I will leave that to you. Such larks!

  5. I am working on a bark canoe...
    Curiously it is a Canberra couple who own the buildings and intend to build a house behind them when they retire.