Friday, 8 September 2017

unplanned Big Day

Yesterday I was to meet Nicki at the school to discuss getting the Gatehouse stall up and running.  Nicki had picked a few samples and we decided to just do it and learn from the experience.

Definite potential.  We made $1.10 for the school with the sale of some red cabbage.

I also rescued a man from the laundry at the caravan park next door.  Kept wondering what all the banging was about.  When it continued after the mechanic on the corner had gone home, I convinced myself that someone had been kidnapped and was in the boot of a car - it was Friday night after all and that's crime night on tv - and had to investigate.  The poor chap had locked the laundry door from the outside so that he could just pull it to when he left but, sadly, when he closed the door from the inside to escape the howling wind, he discovered he couldn't unlock it from the inside.  Bit of a design flaw.

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