Wednesday, 13 December 2017

A fortnight with Slim Ankles (and you thought I was at my Mother's)

Of course I was with my Mum.  Here she is enjoying Judy B's grapefruit marmalade on toast.  Breakfast on the patio.  Mum and Dad used to make grapefruit every year.  And Judy's is just about as delicious...

Other notable meals included Sunday lunch at Longview Winery which has moved from tapas to Italian but is still amazing.  The staff members there are always excellent and, after Mum and I had worked up an appetite slogging uphill to the restaurant with Mum's walker, explained a way I can drive up closer for next time. I was taken by these roses and garlic flowers because I had tried for the same effect this year but all my garlics have vanished.

It rained non-stop on the day we went to the Flying Fish so we picnicked in the car.  I noticed these cockatoos doing a 'Margz Christmas Card' in the pine tree.  Some of you may have been recipients of the card by Marg Whyte from our Wentworth days.

And there is always Mercato.  We lunched there at least 3 times and just had coffee sometimes.  And sometimes, cake.  In the photo above I was trying to capture the back wall which says, in Italian, 'At the Table No-one Grows Old'.  Certainly true for Mum.

One Wednesday Tamasin and I went to the uni for Salsa but discovered it was cancelled that night.  Tamasin showed me a bar where you can salsa from 10.30 pm but we gave it a miss.  It is in the now very groovy Leigh Street and called Casablahblah, which I think is very amusing.  We returned to the uni and Tamasin went to clean out her locker while I mooched around our car which was about to run out of parking fee.
I entertained myself watching this couple having their wedding photos taken - in fact with the bike in the foreground it makes me look like a paparazza.  I was even more entertained when the bride rather unglamourously waited at the traffic lights
and I was nearly in hysterics by the time they crossed the road.
Naturally The Beatles and Abbey Road came to mind.  It was on a par with the time I saw a bride in Wentworth taking money out of the ATM.

'And your ankles?', I hear you clamour.  Well I did a bit of walking to and from the shops, Obahn, etc but I didn't garden standing in ankle-high grass.  I think in Tribes my skin reacts to the grass.  Once in Wales, after Mum and I had done a clifftop walk, my ankles looked like I had red crepe paper wrapped around them.  Something in these temperate climate grasses.  Like oats, rye, etc...
Here's our old house in Cullford Avenue.  The garden is finished.  Not to my taste but a la mode. Hard to picture that once, before we bought it, there was nothing but a huge date palm there.
And here's the block opposite where the Trust homes were and some of my neighbours lived.

There is a lot of demolition and development going on.  The day after I took this picture, the house was totally demolished.  I was pleased to see that some of the 1950/60s houses are now being cherished and gentrified.
It's a shame I decided on this photo trip on a Saturday morning.  Klemziggians like to get their bins out early for Sunday night collection.  This house on Boucaut Avenue looks so well cared for now.  There are table and chairs on the verandah and people actually sit out there to enjoy the cool.
 gentrified shed on Boucaut

Some of you will have seen these 'new' (ie 2-3 year old) houses at the Torrens end of Second Avenue.
The middle one takes the cake for OTT Christmas decoration.  One evening the owner was spraying machine snow out from the top verandah.
the 3 houses by night

my favourite:  the more restrained house on the left

One of my walks took me to the community garden at Lochiel Park on the other side of the river. I was peering through the fence when a couple came up and asked me if I'd like to see inside which, of course, I did.  We chatted gardens and they told me they were walking to a little plant stand 'at the end of the wetlands'.  I was intrigued because I thought we were already standing at the end of the wetland.  I didn't follow them because I thought they already thought I was weird enough, but did explore on another evening.  I had told them about a lovely old Italian style house and garden which used to be on the Campbelltown side of the linear park track.  I always used to go and have a look at it because it was my dream house and garden.  I knew that it had been demolished but what I didn't know,
you've guessed it, the site is now the end of the wetlands.  The plant stall proved modest and the sort of thing I love.

I took an Obahn trip in to town for reasons which will become apparent to Rosa Norte in Spain.  I happened to be on one of the first buses to go through the new, and contentious, tunnel under the parklands.
Great excitement as we plunged into the darkness.  When I got off the bus in town, a tv crew interviewed me about the experience!  I think they were disappointed that I'd enjoyed myself and wasn't South Australian to complain about the cost.  If only Mum had been there...

A reminder of Tribes while I was in town.

And back in Bunna I had this lovely rose waiting for me.  My Christmas and birthday present from Rosa Norte.  Gracias e besos, besos!!!


  1. What a lovely summary of your Adelaide stay. I enjoyed looking at all the photos especially the garlic and roses. Your mum looks so sprightly!!! And a 'Spanish' rose too....... Luckily, in our street no one has dared to go Christmas global, though one house has a red ribbon tied around a tree. We're low tech here. The Floose

  2. In addition, I was led to believe that we were to glimpse the famous ankles, but no, I was once again disappointed. FF

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