Monday, 27 November 2017

a quick retrospective

I take the photos then don't have time to blog.  Or I have a rollicking good time and don't think to take photos.  So here's a quick catch up before I'm off to Adelaide.

signs of mulberries to come

curious figure, possibly my love-child with Ronald McDonald

my brilliant friends blitz the posy division

St Davids Cathedral in Hobart after Handel's Messiah Oratorio,
with some of said brilliant friends in choir.

first cornflower
rather beautiful lettuce flowers

the Gatehouse stall bountiful thanks to Nicky

And to end on a really positive note:  you may recall some time back I reported on the theft of bucket and silverbeet from the Gatehouse.  Well I was wrong.  Last weekend I learned that Ian, who had donated the silverbeet to the school, noticed that it was wilting so he threw the whole lot in the back of his ute and drove home.


  1. Photosbrig back memories - especially the GAtehouse bounty.
    Bon voyage. FF

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