Tuesday, 26 December 2017

East Coast capers

We left home at 6pm for the newly opened Spring Bay Seafood and Wine Bar at the Eastcoaster Resort.  There wasn't much happening so Steve went into the Resort Reception to find out what was going on. 'It's open 8 to 7', he reported. ' Gosh', I thought to myself, 'that's sophisticated.  Can I be bothered coming back at 8pm?'  'No', said Steve, '8am to 7pm, but tonight they closed early'.
So we're having prawns on the barbie as respite from ham.


  1. He he. Couldn't help but give a chuckle!!!! We had that problem on the Tasman Peninsula at the three places we went to that were recommended to us, which is why we ended up getting a pizza from the Fox & Hounds hotel!!!

  2. Maybe Tassie is still a little behind the 8-Ball, as my friend Pearl would say.

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