Wednesday, 18 April 2018

real time

I shall continue Easter but thought I'd better let you know that life goes on at Tribes.

I've finished these 2 books kindly donated by The Floosie during our frantic Easter catch up.  The Bay of Fires book evolved very slowly but it always interesting reading plots set up the road.  I am keeping it and will take it to Mum next time.  The main character is a woman who loves fish and fishing and thus knows about tides and rips, not a device you encounter often in literature but right up Mum's alley.  I'm sold on the Rowland Sinclair books after this introduction.  Set in Sydney (clue on cover) in the 1930s, it's a dashing read.  I kept expecting Miss Fisher to put in an appearance.

The market on Sunday was a bit of a disaster.  The wind blew unabated all day and the French cars that were expected to arrive in droves failed to appear.  I consoled myself with a bottle of Spring Bay gin.  Actually I tasted it at the market but haven't opened the bottle yet.  I've never been into spirits but have been intrigued by people's knowledge of and love of whisky - a new world to explore perhaps?  Spring Bay Distillery does make a whisky, which I may get to later..., but I've always loved the idea of gin being made from juniper berries, and you can taste the botanicals in this.  Almost a gardening experience.

Tuesday night we were spoiled for choice.  We chose the concert above.
Sadly it was poorly attended and we were right up there in the front seats, which was lucky for us.  Always nice to gaze upon a young man from Barcelona.  They are amazing players.  The competition was Paddington 2 at the Orford Odeon - it is school holidays.

Last night it was more culture, in the big smoke this time.  I wasn't keen on driving at night but crept home at 80km/hour seeing only one possum seated on a post and a cat crossing the road in Warrane.
Bit hard to tell from these photos but the do was in the Rosny Barn, an homage to Reverend Robert Knopwood who arrived in Tasmania in 1803.  I'm not sure why he has suddenly come to the attention of the Clarence Council arts scene.  It was a lavish event with a lecture followed by food from the era,

not captured very well in these photos!  Jean Green Bean's Botaniko group's paintings of plantings from Knopwood's garden festooned the walls, which was how I got an invite.  Floosie, you would have loved it.  And it would have been much easier to just walk home by starlight around Kangaroo Bay to Bellerive.

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  1. I would have loved the flamenco/jazz concert but methinks the price may have deterred some people. And wouldn't we have had fun together at the the Rosny Barn event!!!! Had you had too much Spring Bay gin when you took that photo????? I still fondly remember the nights walking home from jazzercise, the book publication meetings at Andrews and from BHS meetings. As in the 1800s, a full moon was always hoped for. FF