Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Great Rains of 2018

At last we have had some rain.  The Gatehouse gardens had their own babbling brook thanks to the run-off from the school oval.
Last night I feared that the water may rise to flood the Gatehouse pavilion but it didn't quite get there.  Perhaps Venice has come to the Gatehouse.

The rain seems to be easing now.  Hopefully the wind won't persist long enough, or strong enough, to dry it all up.  The East Coast really needs a good soaking.

I spent yesterday curled up by the fire, reading Miss Read books and eating chocolate.  My friend The Queen of Hearts visited and, as we swapped stories, I realised that the appeal of country life had been re-woken in me back in 1974 when the cruel Education Department sent me to Bothwell for my teaching prac.  I stayed with the Goggins.  Mr Goggins drove the bus to Hobart and back each day.  Mrs Goggins introduced me to the rhythm of country life - fire and firewood rituals, vegies fresh from the garden, sheds smelling of stored apples.  I live a somewhat modified version of this, but I love it.
Wednesday night I went to the meeting of The Friends of Triabunna Reserves.  I took one of my newest treasures with me in case there was time for 'Show and Tell'.
Those of you who follow Jackie Morris' blog will know all about this book.  The Reservists were enchanted with its beauty.  As we turned the pages, we realised that nearly every plant and animal featured is a pest in Australia.  So many lessons.  Renouncing your country of birth is not always an easy decision.  I am very lucky to have Jackie Morris living my life in Wales.
And I think I will always love blackbirds.

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  1. Wow - that is a lot of water!!!!! We saw on the news what was happening in Hobart and I remember years ago when the rivulet nearly flooded; I have some great photos of it then, but it never flooded like this. I guess the water has gone down now. Hope there was not too much damage or after effects. I appreciated the reference to Venice! FF