Tuesday, 22 May 2018

this bogan life

It's been a  livelier week.  Last week we had The Greatest Showman at The Orford Odeon.  I was a model of restraint and had a glass of bubbly and popcorn instead of my usual glass of red and a Mars Bar.
There was the market on Sunday where the lovely Puck weighed out Democrat apples by an ingenious device rigged up in the boot of his car.
You know I bought a bottle of the local gin at the previous market.  I am still searching for the perfect glasses from which to savour it.  I found this glass at the market and it's pretty close to what I have in mind.  Sadly there was only one so I'm doomed to drink alone for now.  I only have a thimble full and could probably get by with just smelling it.  The botanicals really come through.  One night when Steve was away, I had apple pie, cream and a glass of gin for dinner.  Divine.
I cooked the venison as a pot roast in the slow cooker with herbs from the garden, including myrtle leaves and berries in lieu of juniper.  I think it is delicious, though Steve deems it tasteless.  I have also slow cooked the quartered quinces and must get around to freezing them today.  I think they're delicious too.  I wish I was one of those people who don't enjoy their own cooking.
I had a suspicion that scallop pies were on the menu at The Fish Van so Jill and I trotted around to find out.
Yes indeed.  In case you think it is an inelegant way to lunch
I managed a small glass of white too.
The other exciting news, from my perspective, is that I just trimmed 6 bushes with the hedgetrimmer.  When I have undertaken this in the past, my wrists ache from the vibrations and my arms ache from the weight.  But today it was easy peasy, apart from throwing the ball for Jill at the same time.  The sessions at the gym must be working.


  1. Wine and food sound (and look) very yummy. I have a small bottle of gin from the artisan distillery Encounter Bay Spirits. I am trying to make it last. But my glass is much larger than yours; a thimbleful is clearly not enough for me! Next time you're here we could pay a visit there. FF

  2. Yes, please. Have never heard of Encounter Bay Spirits. I am working on my next SA visit. Haven't booked yet - am still deciding whether to fly or drive, probably drive - July.

  3. Woud be good if you lingered awhile down south. I also have the Alexandrina Cheese Factory (near Mount Compass) on the tour list!!!!