Friday, 4 May 2018

Glad that I live am I

On Anzac Day I marched in the parade for the very first time.  This was not something I had ever expected to do given, to my knowledge, I have no personal connection to Gallipoli. But the Spring Bay Suicide Prevention Network marches every year and so I was invited.  I was given a book to place at the cenotaph in lieu of a wreath.  The books are then distributed to the schools.  I really want to read this one - and, Lady Jayne, I love the title.

Wilma placed flowers as she does each Anzac Day.  It was all very uplifting, still a bit jingoistic and macho for my taste, but it is heartening how the community turns out in force.  And then, walking home,
the pavement filled with children's chalk drawings.  I haven't seen that for years.  And as I walked home, I found myself singing 'Glad that I live am I...' a favourite hymn from my childhood.

Some time during the week I spotted this little beauty at the end of our street
and later it pulled up briefly outside the house.  Small pleasures.

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  1. Absolutely love the little yellow caravan!!!!
    And I think we both had passion and resilience in equal measure when we were Ms H and Mrs H. I like to think p and r are still there. FF