Friday, 28 November 2014

We done good

I recently read this book.  It is the Pride and Prejudice story from the servants' point of view.  It's a good tale and brings home very clearly how hard servants worked.  It occurred to me as I travelled to work on the bus that my Mum's grandmother had been 'in service'.   Our children think nothing of travelling, living and working around the world.


  1. I'm in the midsts of that book. And by that I mean I started it in the summer and haven't picked it up since. Christmas reading....? Yes, I watched Gosford Park again with Kit and Ella the other night, and find it fascinating. Have you watched Death comes to Pemberly? PD James. Quite enjoyable. I will definitely have to get Ella into Austen soon...

  2. I know nothing about Gosford Park but am watching Death Comes to Pemberley - second episode last Friday. Must read the book - I hadn't realised PD James dies this year. Hope you are delurgified and ready for some Christmas reading.