Thursday, 30 March 2017

doing the garden, digging the weeds

I had one of those satisfying gardening days today when you go out to do one job and then get lots of unscheduled jobs done.  While weeding I found this little treasure:
a discarded walnut shell growing its own garden.  When I was a child, I bought a tiny doll in a walnut shell cradle on a visit to London.  I've been entranced by them and their miniature possibilities ever since.  The cup contains some of Steve's windfall Golden Delicious apples.
Here's the remainder on the tree.  And here are my Cox's Pippins.


  1. We have tiny dolls in golden walnut shells which we hung on the Christmas tree when the boys were small. They called them "baby cheeses" - say it quickly and you will understand the intent - no offence intended to any deity!

    What do you need to apply to your lovely apple trees to protect them from the dreaded bugs?

  2. Didn't Thumbelina live in a walnut shell???? Or am I getting my fairy tales mixed up? Love the apple trees. My only 'orchard' now is a potted cumquat. FF

  3. My brain went into a spin after reading your comments - as you may see in a future blog post. How wonderful that that little garden find prompted such wonderful memories and inspiration. And FF you're right about Thumbelina.
    So far there's no secret to the apple trees, Lady Jayne. We haven't done anything to them, though I'm always on the lookout for aberrations. Perhaps keeping the trees small will assist this. The pear trees, however, are another matter - the dreaded pear slug.