Wednesday, 15 March 2017

feelin groovy

No place to go.  No promises to keep.  So far today is exactly as I hoped it would be.  So here's a bit of nothing in particular to suit my mood.
Remember the feather at The Bean's place?  Well the Green One used a skill she gained from her latest Botanical Art workshop to make from it this brush for Steve.

Photos from the Bean from our weekend before last of garden wandering.  I love that her interest in the detail is so apparent.

A strange thing happened last Friday.  I had arranged for a lady named Judy to pick me up from yoga and drive to Swansea to letterbox mental health promoting fridge magnets.  I had my camera with me because it seemed like a perfect opportunity to explore Swansea. Thus I was able to photo the shoes left, mosque-like, outside the hall where we do yoga.
When I emerged from yoga there was another Judy waiting for me to take me to Swansea to the Historical Society.  How this occurred I can't begin to fathom.
However the Historical Society made good use of me and I started the process of wrapping and labeling their fragile book collection.  Note that the floor is collapsing under the weight of the collection and death by compactus is avoidable only if you have a strong friend on the outside.

This unedited phone photo I took yesterday while Jill and I waited for Steve to do the supermarket shopping in Sorell.  We had taken Pharaoh Dog Jill to the dog beach at Kingston and investigated the Wednesday Produce Market.  Sadly I'd forgotten my camera.  The above is an Eileen Brooker mural showing Sorell in the 1930s.  Its a lovely, lively piece of art and I must tackle it again with a camera.  Or learn how to use the phone effectively.
And lastly one of Steve's workshops, this one featuring flying guitar pieces.

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