Thursday, 6 July 2017

Gatehouse in the morning, Gatehouse in the evening

Triabunna just before 8 am

frosted oregano

the Pharaoh Dog kitted out for the cold mornings

also suitable for evening wear

notice:  door open

notice:  door closed

the future produce stall

and, just so you know I do leave  Triabunna on occasions,
kunanyi / Mt Wellington from my friend Jools place (which will soon have an AirBnB).  We had coffee in her sunny window and then I met Madam Cyn for lunch at the Ocean Child.

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  1. What a glamorous place the Gatehouse is! And Madam Gatehouse seems to be doing a marvellous job. I hope that having the keys to the town has not changed her demeanour. But what frosty mornings you are having. It does make for lovely photos of delicate flowers and grasses though. Of course, being sea side, we have nothing so special here except beautiful sunny days. (I shall be returning to blogging soon.) FF