Friday, 14 July 2017

Winter content

moon in the morning

morning mist on the estuary

amazingly arty shot taken with my phone

Halfway through Winter today.  Much as I'm enjoying being up and about early in the morning, I'll be glad when Winter is over.  It's beautiful outside but we've had no rain and day after day of heavy frost.  We've kept the fire going day and night which we've never done before, and feel very competent provincials.  The downside is that condensation drips through the extractor fans in the ceiling.  Never had that before.  And the garden is at an absolute standstill.

Steve fighting off seagulls at Bridgewater

black ducks on the Derwent at Bridgewater

Rudd Avenue beach with Maria Island in the background
Steve, the Pharaoh Dog and I have done a bit of tripping around and beaching (we always like to take a large branch with us...).  Today I had a look at the Triabunna Suns playing footy.
I'm not much of a sports fan but I am pleased that women can now play football competitively.  The match was a draw - boo hiss.

Steve stuck to the sun-room.

And around Australia the blackbirds are coming out to play.


  1. Four blackbirds! That is an auspicious mid-winter number. It must be up and up from now on, hopefully for temperatures as well as blackbirds. LJ

  2. Gorgeous estuary photos. Absolutely love them. You should get one framed!
    Our winter has been very cold and sunny but we're now getting the rain and wind. Oh I miss my wood fire. Ducted heating is NOT THE SAME. FF