Sunday, 26 November 2017

The Floosie goes Tribal

The long awaited day of the arrival of Mr and Mrs FF finally arrived.  In fact they arrived ahead of schedule having forgotten that travel times are short in Tasmania. We spent Wednesday afternoon checking out my Tribes haunts and I was accompanied on my Gatehouse round by 2 Jills, which is pretty special. 
the cottage next door where Jill and (her) Steve stayed
I took this photo in anticipation but the wisteria had finished blossoming by the time they arrived.  The mock orange, however, smelled divine.  I think I may need one.

from the viewing tower at Devil's Corner winery.
We had lunch here and I had an excellent Vietnamese style salad with boarfish ceviche - a new taste sensation for me.

the paparazza Floosie at Saltworks - windswept and wonderful

surfie built shelters at Saltworks

I contemplated my toenails,

the Floosie contemplated the universe at Boltons Beach

and finally there was a hint that our hot, dry spell may end.

My plans went a little awry on Friday so I don't have the photos of the Jills and Steves that I had been planning for some time.  I have some photos emailed by the Floosie but for some reason I can't copy them to put them in the blog.  And the rain did come, politely waiting for Mr and Mrs FF to get to Launceston to catch their plane.


  1. What a wonderful time we had exploring Triabunna. The cottage accomm. was fabulous, I think I helped the local economy along with my visit to the Rusty Devil, we were most impressed with the Gatehouse and the marina, and Steve's chicken rolls and banana muffins were scrumptious and very more-ish. A highlight was the visit to the Saltworks, and eating alfresco at the Devils Corner winery was sublime. It was such an honour to accompany you to the Gatehouse for the closing ceremony each night. The only slight setback was the fact that I jumped every time (your) Steve said 'Sit Jill'! Yay for Tribes!!!!! FF

  2. And yay to never doing what you're told.
    Jill PD XXXX