Friday, 8 June 2018

big days out

Steve, Jill and I actually went out together today.  We went to Stapleton Beach,
some more hurriedly than others.
Jill PD is not a swimmer and has only recently taken to getting wet to fetch the stick,
sometimes more confidently
than others.

It never hurts to ask nicely for more throws.
But finally the time comes when the sea claims the stick and it's time to go home.

Our Stapleton Beach day was Thursday.  Friday I had another big day:  yoga, then Tai Chi, then School Association, then a soiree at Anne's groovy shed.  I love that I can walk to just about all the things I want to do.  I wore my new boots and felt slightly Demelza-ish striding along with my red longish dress.  Sometime ago Whispering Pearl gave me a pair of green ankle socks with a brown fur trim.  They amused me because they melted into my winter pelted legs but this was not a look I wanted to share too widely so I've been waiting for the right time.  Mel has given me some green tights in exchange for some cat and chook care so now I can pair tights, socks and boots - the fur trim stands atop the boots making them look fur-lined.  Possibly I looked more Maid Marion-ish then Demelza.  There are, of course, other possiblities...

Today the weather is glorious despite yesterday's predicition from the librarian that it would be cold and wet and perfect for reading.  I have planted radish and cornflower seeds and daffodil bulbs.

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  1. I think we called in at the beach on the way to your place. Such a beautiful part of the coast.
    Better wear your red dress on Saturday night when Demelza (and Ross) return!!!! FF